The Perks of Hiring a Commercial Locksmith

Most people know that the best person to call when they’re locked out of their car or home is a residential locksmith in Houston. However, a locksmith can provide numerous other services that are beneficial for your home or business as well. Here are some reasons you may want to contact a locksmith to make your business or home more secure.

24-Hour Protection

One of the biggest benefits of a locksmith is that they provide 24/7 service. Most lockouts or security breaches don’t happen during regular working hours, so it’s important that you have a professional you can count on to make sure you can get access to your business no matter what. Locksmith companies usually have multiple full-service mobile units to provide whatever locksmithing services you need no matter the time or day.

Security System

Many locksmith companies also provide security system installation or the monitoring for systems already installed. Video cameras not only serve to deter crime, but they’re also a valuable resource when looking into a crime that’s been committed on or near your property.

File Cabinet Locks

File cabinet locks might not seem like an important matter, but if the keys are lost or an unauthorized person gets ahold of these keys, there could be serious consequences. Locksmiths can either cut new keys to replace those that were lost or replace the lock altogether to prevent those with stolen keys from gaining access to sensitive information.


There are times when you might need to block access for a former employee or other individual who still has a key. Locksmiths can help with this by rekeying a lock. This doesn’t require the entire lock to be changed because the lock can be removed to rearrange the pins. This is a more affordable option than changing the locks. If you’re interested in upgrading the quality of your locks, a locksmith can replace locks rather than rekeying them.

Master Keys

Master keys make it possible to open multiple locks with one key. This can add a lot of convenience for employees and others who need to gain access to multiple areas without having to carry around a lot of keys. It can also allow only a few authorized people to gain access to multiple areas while a separate key provides access to only one of these doors that’s accessible with a master key.

Electronic Access Systems

Electronic access systems are especially helpful in a commercial setting. The most common types of electronic access system are card readers, RFID cards, and keypads. These systems can be installed on any door and make it easier to keep your business secure without needing constant supervision. The code or frequency can be changed as needed if a fob or card is lost or if changes in personnel necessitate a code change.

Safe Installation

Safes and vaults are used in most businesses, so it’s important that you contact a commercial locksmith in Houston to either service your safe or install a new one for you. If you already have a dial safe, a locksmith can access the safe and set the combination if you need it changed. Digital safes are another option and give you complete control over the combination because you can change it yourself.

To learn more about safes and other security options for your home or business, contact High Security Lock & Safe today.

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