Do You Need a Dial Lock or Digital Lock?

Whether you’re in the market for a valuables safe or a gun safe, it’s imperative that you have a lock on the safe that will keep things secure and be easy for you to open. The main types of locks on a valuables or gun safe for sale in Pearland are dial and digital locks. If you’re unsure which type will work best for your needs, then here are some things you need to know that can help you decide.

Dial and Digital Basics

A dial lock is basically an old-fashioned tumbler lock that requires a certain combination when moving the dial to the right and left, depending on how many numbers the combination has. These locks have been around a very long time and are known for being dependable and long lasting. A digital lock also requires a combination, but rather than spinning a dial, you simply press in the number sequence on the buttons. These locks have been around for a while but not as long as dial locks.

Battery Use

One thing to consider when choosing between the two types of locks is the battery requirement. Dial locks don’t require any batteries. Since they’re solely a mechanical device with no electronic components, you won’t have to worry about being unable to open the lock when a battery dies or the power goes out. Digital locks do require batteries that need to be changed every one to three years.

Failure Rate

Dial locks rarely wear out over time. This is especially true with modern dial locks that have upgrades over the original dial locks. Digital locks are also considered to be very reliable, but they do carry about a 3 percent failure rate. Unfortunately, a problem causing digital lock failure is often expensive because of the complicated nature of the problem. So many safe owners find that the entire lock has to be replaced if they’re in that small percentage that experiences lock failure.

Lockout Penalty

Dial combinations can typically be attempted numerous times without any danger of being locked out. This can be a disadvantage when someone is trying to break into the safe. Digital locks have the option of a lockout penalty that locks the user out if too many wrong combinations are entered. This can increase safety, or it may be a disadvantage for a safe owner who mixes up the numbers of the combination.

Open Speed

Perhaps the most major difference between dial and digital locks is how quickly the lock can be opened. Digital locks definitely hold the advantage in this respect. They’re easy to learn how to use and the code can be entered quickly. Dial locks may take some practice for some people to learn. If a single number is passed up, the entire combination has to be started from the beginning. This can be a problem in an emergency situation when the safe needs to be opened quickly.

Combination Changes

When looking for commercial safes, many businesses will try to find a digital safe for sale in Pearland simply because it’s easier to change the combination when there’s a change in personnel. The code is easy to change and can be reconfigured at any time. To learn more about which safe is right for you, contact High Security Lock & Safe today.

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